-61% IndianCartVilla Pure Copper Nakkashi Embossed Water Pot - 15 Litres

Water stored in copper pot can provide many health benefits. Even in the ancient times, In India people used to store water in big copper vessels. Scientists have found anti microbial properties in copper. As per Ayurveda, drinking water from copper vessel reduces ageing by stimulating the production of collagen protein that helps in connecting tissues. Copper kills viruses, and other micro-organisms, making water fit for drinking. If you are anemic caused by the deficiency of copper then by drinking this water will cure anemia. For healthy skin, copper is a beneficial element. Person suffering from vitiligo is recommended to have water from copper vessel as it helps in the production of melanin. Minimum recommended level of copper keeps our digestive system healthy. Also it helps in fighting against many gastrointestinal diseases. Dimensions ( LxBxH ) in inch : 16.5″x 15″x 16.5″ Capacity : 15 Litres Finish : Copper finish Weight : 2000 Grams Material : Copper

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IndianCartVilla Pure Copper Nakkashi Embossed Water Pot - 15 Litres

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